2012 Program

First Night Program
November 2, 2012 - 7:00pm


The eleven films that make up thsi First Night Program are presented under the title "Origins."  They are from eight countries, and explore ideas of perception, acceptance, and resolution as part of our life's journey.  How we are perceived by others is not just a result of the choices we make and the face we reveal.  We are all born equal--but fate, circumstances, mistakes, triumphs, and adversity shape us in ways only those close to us can begin to understand.

When we pass a stranger, we are privy only to what we can see and deduce from such a brief encounter.  When we connect with someone who does not share our beliefs and our priorities, it is only human nature to pass judgement based on what we think, not what we know.

The filmmakers on this program boldly explore this disconnect.  They share both the pain and triumph of being human, and in the process, reveal truths about their characters and themselves that speak to the misconceptions that move us apart.

In Shawn Chrsitensen's emotionally raw film CURFEW, the origin of a man's grief and isolation from his family is revealed in a moment of simple grace and forgiveness.  It is the sharing of those difficult moments that makes us human.

--Barry Smoot, 24fps Festival Director



Matinee Program
November 3, 2012 - 2:00pm


The eleven films that make up the Matinee Program are presented under the totle "Paths." They are from nine different countries, and explore both the choices we make in our lives, and the chance ancounters we have on those journeys that help define who we are.

These film sexplore issues of race and prejudice.  They explore both the acceptance and rejection of love.  They ask us to examine our treatment of each other and assess our intent.  They offer moments of pure elation and imminent heartache.

We all believe different things when we consider our place and purpose on this earth.  Our diverse faiths can often cause separation and conflict on that journey.The beautiful thing about artistic expression is that it knows no boundaries.  In times of both conflict and compassion, we all speak the same language.

In Keir Burrow's beautifully rendered film DONKEY, the narrator suddenly finds himself confronted with his past.  In one perfect moment where two lives collide, he has to come to terms with the fallibility of his life and recognize that he is the architect of his own happiness.  The truth is, for every path we choose, there is another one we must abandon.

Barry Smoot, 24fps Festival Director



Second Night Program
November 3, 2012 - 7:00pm


The eleven films that make up the Second Night Program are presented under the title "Revelations." They are from seven different countries and explore those moments in our lives when we confront truth.

As emotional beings, we sometimes see only what we want to see.  In our evolution, change is often the enemy.  The progression from one phase of our lives to the next makes us anxious and clouds our vision.

The films on this program reveal those moments, both intimate and profound, when the path divides and we have to make a choice.  We have to move on.  Sometimes that choice is joyous, sometime is it overwhelming in its sadness.

In Esteban Crespo's revelatory film AQUEL NO ERA YO (THAT WAN"T ME), that moment is revealed as both.  In it, we see the harrowing truth that leads us to a moment of unimaginable forgiveness.

The power of film is its ability to find and capture both the light and dark of our existence.  It is the reflection of who we are as we continually move forward with our lives.  Robert Altman has said, "Filmmaking is the chance to live many lifetimes."  That journey should be celebrated, in all of it's darkness, and in all of its light.

Barry Smoot, 24fps Festival Director