2013 Program

First Night Program
November 1, 2013 - 7:00pm

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The 10 films that make up the First Night Program are presented under the title “Fields and Floods.” They are from 9 different countries and all explore the difference between perception and reality.

As humans, we constantly seek what we see as the true objects of our desire. But just as a farmer knows that without rain his crops cannot grow, he also knows that too much rain can flood his fields, destroying all he has worked for. Such is the true nature of wanting.  I was inspired by the writings of John Steinbeck (most notably The Grapes of Wrath) to assemble a program of films illuminating the idea to be successful, the act of wanting should be simple, straightforward, and true.

Steinbeck has written: “There ain’t no sin and there ain’t no virtue. There’s just stuff people do.” It is human nature to see everything that happens to us in our lives through our own peculiar filter of “want.” In our dogged pursuit of what we think will make us happy, we often walk hurriedly past the one true moment (or person) who holds the key to that goal.  This program concludes with Kibwe Tavares’ fable, Jonah, a powerful exploration of the corrosive nature of our own desires. It is a plea to step back and find the beauty in the simple path.

--Barry Smoot
24fps Festival Director



Matinee Program
November 2, 2013 - 2:00pm


The 10 films that make up the Matinee Program are presented under the title “Ghost in the Town,” and were inspired by the song of the same title by Joshua James.  Joshua is a singer/songwriter most often described as a “roots rocker,” an artist who explores the ancient tropes and traditions of who we are based on where we come from.  He states: “The whole concept of Ghost in the Town is our need for a certain image of our life--how our parents and our siblings and maybe our parents’ friends and people associated with us growing up viewed us--and how it’s sometimes really hard to get away from that.”

Using his powerful song as a jumping off point, I wanted to assemble a program of films touching on the idea that we all carry with us the shadows of our past-- and although we may be different people now, it always looms behind us.  So this program is about perception based on history. Our past has formed who we are--it has taught us. Our past influences every path we take, It effects how we love, hate, forgive, lift up, judge, condemn or embrace.  Embedded in the middle of the program is The Roper, a simple example of the power of seeing people based on common goals and aspirations, regardless of our, or our nation’s, past.

--Barry Smoot
24fps Festival Director


Second Night Program
November 2, 2013 - 7:00pm


The 11 films that make up the Second Night Program are presented under the title “I Will Remain,” and were inspired by the song of the same name by Matthew and the Atlas.  Simply put, it is a program about what we leave behind in our wake. Certainly the most difficult of all three of the 2013 exhibition programs, it deals with issues of forgiveness, our violent nature, racism, bullying, human rights, the healing power of kindness, forbidden love, and the afterlife.

It is important to see our lives as a path. It is important to make decisions in our lives based on the legacy of our actions. Is is important to consider what perceptions we leave behind, as those are lasting. In Grace, the opening film on this program, a character facing the most uncertain of futures can only remember the teachings of the legacy of his grandmother: “Life gives you everything...everything.”

---Barry Smoot
24fps Festival Director